If anyone doubted that the United States and its allies are dealing with evil in the form of Islamic terrorists, the case now has been made for all to see . . . Some American Muslims, such as Pueblo native Asma Gull Hasan, have spoken out against terrorism. She reports most of her Muslim acquaintances share her view . . .

Last year a Wall Street Journal reporter was kidnapped in Pakistan by people he believed he could interview and tell their side of the story regarding militant Islam. His kidnappers brutally killed him while videotaping the atrocity.

Now this year three civilians – two Americans and a South Korean – have been kidnapped in Saudi Arabia and Iraq and were subsequently beheaded – while their kidnappers calmly videotaped their grisly crimes. These were not the standard beheadings carried on in Saudi Arabia with large, extremely sharp swords.

Swords make quick work of the executions, much as the French guillotines did. No, these men, eyes taped shut and their hands taped behind their backs, died slow, agonizing deaths as their heads were literally sawed off with knives.

Americans rightly have wondered where have the condemnations of these atrocities from Muslim leaders been. There have been but a few that have been made public.

Recently, 25 Muslim Americans in New Jersey staged a public protest against this evil. And after the first American beheading in Iraq, some Muslim world leaders voiced opposition to this